Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dan's birthday and a streak of crazy weather

Happy Birthday to Dan on Jan 25. We made an awesome chocolate cake and had a fun afternoon. He's wearing his new shirt in this picture and blowing out the candles that the kids put on the cake, a little heavy on the one side. We love you Dan!How about a snow day! Dan got to come home early and stay home for 2 days. It was the usual Oklahoma ice/freezing rain/sleet storm which kept us indoors for a few days. We had a great time cruising around the neighborhood on a walk one day.

So the snow was monday through Thursday and by Saturday we were at the park with sweatshirts on going for a hike. Crazy Oklahoma Weather!

Here's Dan's second place mustache in Fronterra's Great Mustachio Bash. (Shaved from the goattee (sp?) seen earlier. I couldn't help laughing every time I looked at him.
The latest storm was just yesterday. We were very blessed to get missed by the tornado that hit a mile away and ripped the whole back end of a Chuck-e-cheese off and the roof of Target and damaged a bunch of other homes and other places. We did get a ton of Hail. Pea sized up to Gumball sized. This is a scoop of hail from my back patio and the size of the biggest ones.

Monday, February 2, 2009

20 things we learned from our trip

We took a trip to California to see Dan's Grandpa Holt for New Years. Jake and Debbie (Dan's brother) came down from Utah and a bunch of Aunts and Uncles and cousins came from Mesa also. We had tons of fun playing on the farm with lots of cousins. We continued on into Mesa to stay with my brother Ray and Stephanie and their family and then to Sierra Vista to see my sister Anna and John and their new baby Isabella. It was a fabulous trip. Here are a few things we learned.
Our kids really do love eachother!

We love to have cousins the same age.

Dan is a super goose!

California is a long car ride!

A day on the farm can make you tired!

We love our grandpa Holt!

A lasso is a great tool for picking oranges and Grapefruits.

Jakey is a Ham! (We actually already knew that)

Daddy knows how to feed the cows. Cows can't bite you if you throw the hay at them.

We have a lot of cousins, and we love them all!

Eating Oranges and playing in the dirt makes you sticky and muddy.

This boy loves his Daddy!

Playing Barbies in the tub is a lot more fun with a cousin than a brother.

Glow bracelets are awesome! (as are more cousins)

Auntie Anna is the coolest. Especially when she lets Margie cook with her.

She's even cooler when she makes a pancake in the shape of "M" for Margie.

Baby Isabella is super cute and has great hair!

Orange trees make great forts.

Cows have different hair styles.