Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A fun weekend with the Hansens

We went on an awesome trip to the OKC Zoo

It was very hot and muggy so the water sprayers were a highlight.
Here's Margie and Ethan going for it.

"Margie, pretend you're scared of the big T-Rex"

Group pictures with 2 year olds... not happening.

My sister came and played soccer with me and rocked the house.
She even kicked the ball into a girls face! I wish she could play with us every weekend. (This is after the game.. nice and sweaty.)

Bugs Mommy! Look at the Bugs! Jakey's new fascination.

After the soccer game a trip to Martin Park. We love this place.

Two Cousins swinging together.

Margie loved her baby cousin Beckham.

Happy Children! Ethan, Jakey, Margie and Beckham

Auntis Becca loved Baby Beckham too!

Thanks guys for a fun weekend.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tribute to a Red-headed Boy

Jakey's Birthday was on April 22. I have to give a tribute to a small red-headed boy who gets into everything but always gets out of being in too much trouble with his charming smile, personality and stubbornness. We love you Bubsy/cinnamon bear/stinker goose-boy!

Is that the sweetest baby you've ever seen!

1 Year Old Jakey with a smile to melt your heart!


I love my little boy! (Yes he's a boy, with a big sister who has lots of dress-up stuff)

So on his actual birthday I took the kids out to ice cream. (Dan was out of town.) and Jakey thoroughly enjoyed his ice cream as you can see. He kept asking for more like a broken record and ended up heping mom and Margie finish ours also. This boy loves treats!

We also had a little party with some friends when Dad got home and I made an awesome spiderman cake.

Happy Birthday to Jakey!
I have to add this photo in the mix to show how stubborn he can be. We have been fighting naps since around 18 months (just like his sister) so usually we just put him to bed early or sometimes we just find him passed out on the floor which he did a few sundays ago. Note that if I had put him in his crib he would have cried for at least an hour or more and no nap would have taken place this day. It's usually on his terms as you can see.

Happy birthday Jacob. We love you so much.
I hope the terrible two's don't make us all crazy!

Monday, May 4, 2009

What's been going on at our house

I know it's been forever since I've posted so I thought I'd do a rundown on the past few months and what we've been up to. We had a little flood in our kitchen (I'll post that later) which have kept us very busy and in a lot of chaos, but we've had a lot of fun also. My two goosie kids are getting so big sometimes I wonder where the time is going. We've been rockclimbing in our garage. Margie picked up on it very easily and by the end could go almost to the top by herself. The kids and I went on some preschool fieldtrips to the Express stables to see the horses and the Myriad Gardens. We went with our Dad on his day off to the aquarium and got to touch the rays and see the sharks swim around us in the shark tunnel (Margie didn't like that one) and chase Jakey through the crowds (he's so dang fast! Does anyone know where I can get one of those harness leashes?) we also saw lots of fish and turtles. Easter came and went, that's the best photo I could get that morning of the two kids before church - little turkeys! Margie got to plant some flowers at the library storytime and when the weather is nice we're outside on our bikes or in the backyard. So that's a rundown of the last few months at the Martin Household. I'm sorry I'm so bad at keeping up with this, it's just been busy around here. I'll do better!