Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Vacation

Our vacation started out at home when my sister Emma came up with her two boys and my brother Ray and his Wife Stephanie and their three kids drove through in the motorhome for a day on their way to Palmyra. We had one fabulous day with everyone. We saw the OKC Temple, Sonic Headquarters, National Bombing Memorial, and ended up in the backyard swimming and BBQ-ing. It was awesome. Thanks everyone for visiting us. We had a blast.

After a very very long (21 hr) drive to Utah, we had a great time staying with Pagah and Grandma Annie. We played with cousins, did 4th of July fireworks, ate Cafe Rio...

This was the best 4th of july pic I could get of my kids. they were not interested in posing for pictures, they only wanted to play. I can't blame them really.

Every Morning Grandma got up with the kids (it was especially nice after getting in at 4 in the morning from a 21 hr drive) and took them on walks and fed them breakfast and played with them. Grandma, will you come live with us?

We love our Grandma and Pagah! Thanks for letting us stay!

After three fabulous days at the Ashtons, it was time for the Martin Reunion. All Dan's siblings, and families got together in a cabin up in Heber for three days. It was so much fun. It was a huge beautiful cabin with a game room, hot tub, beautiful balcony overlooking the aspens and mountains in Heber. It was awesome. We put together a huge puzzle, swung in hammocs, played pool and Uncle Micah's Wii, Had a Fireball Island championship game, card games and soaked in the hot tub, while the cousins roamed around and played to their hearts content. It was great!

Cousins, cousins and more cousins!!!
(Anna, Margie, Katie, Tyler, Jakey, Madison, Ella, Caroline, Kloe, and Ivan)

We just couldn't get enough of the mountains, there's none where we are. When we saw our first mountains in the distance coming into Denver Margie pointed them out with a loud "Look Mountains!" We stayed two more days in Utah before heading home - We went hiking with Liza and her kids to South Fork, one of our favorite places (can you see why! look at that view!) We hung out with the Martins again, and Uncle Micah showed us the method to baking his famous cookies. It was so much fun and well worth the drive. Thanks everyone for helping us have a wonderful trip!