Monday, June 27, 2011

June - Margie dance recital

Here's Margie ready for her debut performance with her dance class. She surprised us all with her booty shaking and stage presence. I don't know what happened to our shy little girl, she did awesome that night. Way to go Margie! Here some of the Best friends in her dance class.
Her friend Emma takes dance at the same studio,
so they had to have a pre-performance photo together. What Cuties!
I got video of the first dance, I'd post it on here, but either our computer, or blogger took way too long, so you'll have to see it here. She starts out in the middle and then moves to the far left for most of the performance. Go Margie!!

Catch-up May

Well, May has come and gone, and we've done a few things so here they are:
1. We put our house on the market. Here's our page listing if you're interested. It ended up happening on our 8 Year Anniversary May 3. Happy anniversary to us.. I guess.
2. Dan and I went to Denver, which is where we are moving, to check the place out. We think we found an area to live in, but still waiting for the house to sell before we do anything more. We'll call that the anniversary trip, even though we had James with us.
3. We took a fun trip to the Ouchita's in south-eastern Oklahoma.

Here's Dan and the kids on the trail
Margie and Jake
It was a beautiful, yet unseasonably cold day, so we went on a few short hikes and drove the Talamina drive. It was a lot of fun. This is where Dan went on his camping trip last month with his friend James. We stayed over in a Hotel - too cold to camp- and swam in the pool and had a wonderful time.
4. I bought a piano at a garage sale for $150 I was pretty excited and it needs a tune, but I'll wait till it has a permanent place in Denver to tune it. It doesn't sound too bad though, and Margie and I have semi-regular piano lessons. She doing pretty well so far.
5. We had a tornado hit just a few miles West of us which at one point was heading our way and then turned... thankfully. Just the day after the big Joplin, MO, Tornado. It's a very scary thing to watch. We were very blessed, and pray for those who weren't so lucky.
6. I turned 33. I made a super yummy lemon-strawberry cake and we had a little party. I have no pictures, how sad is that? oh well. I actually get the whole month of celebrations with our anniversary, Mothers Day, and my Birthday.. we just call it the month of Becca (Dan usually gets to participate in the anniversary part, but the rest is mine!)
7. We went to the Paseo arts festival Memorial day weekend and finally found a great painting of an Oklahoma storm building on the horizon so we can always remember how the sky looks when a storm is building.
That's just about it... we only had two showings in May, unfortunately, it's a bad time to sell a house, but we're hopeful it'll happen soon.

Catch-up April

Ok, so I'm a terrible blogger... it's been a busy few months and I have no good excuse... whatever. Here's what's been going on.
Jamesey-poo got his first official teeth in April.. isn't that just the best cheesy photo face you've ever seen. He's a super Ham. Can you see those two little rodent teeth on the bottom there poking out? There they are.
I got to go to California to see my sisters Emma and Sarah and also my mom who was there for my cousin Karlee's wedding. It was a great trip and we had so much fun. It was great to see all the Rudd family also. We had a great time together and the wedding was beautiful also.
Jake turned 4 on April 22nd!! Happy Birthday to my sweet boy. We had an awesome Batman Birthday complete with water guns melting batman out of Mr. Freeze's block of ice, shooting the penguins down with our bat disks, solving Riddlers riddles, tossing Two-faces' coins and becoming Batman. Here's the batmen all decked out in their costumes. (which I made, except the tall big one, that's a Halloween costume) Nathan, Aiden, Jackson and Jakey.
We finished off the month with Easter. We went to our friends house for dinner and an egg hunt on Saturday and had our own again on Sunday. Here's a few photo's of the day. Dan still has facial hair leftover from his annual camping trip, which he went on also. I don't have any photo's of him on his trip or they would have been included.