Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas is so over and New years was 3 weeks ago!

So here finally are Christmas/New years/January photo's.

We had friends over Christmas Eve who braved the Blizzard to get here (barely) unfortunately the snow wasn't slowing down so all the daddies shoveled snow to get them here and then we had dinner and they shoveled snow to get them out and home for Christmas at their own houses. We did make time for a very fast nativity pageant and the kids opened their pajamas. When Dan came in finally and everyone was gone I got a great shot of the snow frozen on his eyebrows.

Christmas Day was magical and fun as it should be. We woke up to a white Christmas of course with a bizzard all night, and all got wonderful presents and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and spent the afternoon of a beautiful sunny day playing in the snow and with all our new toys.

The snowdrifts were quite amazing and when we did finally venture out in the new car - Oh yeah, we got a new car right before Christmas also, a Honda Pilot and it's awesome!!! Merry Christmas to me! -Dan was dying to use the 4 wheel drive in the snow. We found lots of roads blocked still with huge drifts and cars stuck everywhere! the entrance to our neighborhood was a one lane passage because of the drift, there's a photo of the car next to it, all the way up to the door.

By new years most roads were clear, we went to the cowboy museum. Dan went to a Thunder game on New years eve. New years day, we played at the park and had a fabulous time (anything to get us our of the house and get some energy out). and Then the Hansen cousins came and stayed the rest of the weekend.

We're finally back in school and back on a normal schedule for the most part. Thank you everyone for the wonderful Christmas cards and e-mails. We love to stay connected with you even if it's just once a year!