Thursday, August 27, 2009

Carpet, Table, Pre-K, Carbon Freezing and Potty Training

The Month of August is almost over so I thought I'd give you a recap of the many exciting things that have happened this month...

First, we got our new carpet!!! Yeah!!! it's only been 7 months since the kitchen flood and all the remodeling that we've been working on and it's finally done.. almost. At least the carpet is in and it's amazing. Margie has become the carpet patrol not allowing anyone with food enter into the living room. I guess 7 months of drilling in "when the new carpet comes..." worked. Unfortunately the week it came in I was sick with a nasty flu that turned sinus infection and on the days I most wanted to lay in my bed it was leaned against the kitchen wall. Oh well, I'm fine now and it's done! Yeah!
New table. Our old garage sale table finally gave out on us so we've had the card table up for a few months and now we decided to finally get a real kitchen table. It's wonderful and Jakey was so helpful putting it together. I couldn't help snap this shot of Daddy's helper.
First day of Pre-k. Margie was so cute this day. She layed out her new outfit and had everything ready to take to her first day. She's been in a week and loves it. We are still working on the separation anxiety when we drop her off, but I think in a week or so she'll be fine. Good thing it only lasts a minute or two and there's not been crying yet, just the leg lock on mom. Jakey looks as excited as she is. Too bad he's not able to go. I think he misses his sister in the mornings. He keeps asking "where Margie go?" "Preschool? oh. ok."
The kids have become Star Wars fans and we watched The Empire Strikes Back last weekend, so the other night we were cleaning up our room of the many toys that had collected there during the day and Dan said to Margie "Can you please get all these toys on the vent?" Margie replied, "No Dad, they are being frozen!" What a great imagination. I can see how Obie Wan, Han and the wookie got into this position, but I'm not sure how the loving family Grandma got into this mess.
Lastly, Jakey who is almost 2 1/2 years old has decided he wants to potty-train himself. I had nothing to do with this, in fact, it started the week we got new carpet and I was sick. He learned that it's really easy to get his own pants and diaper off and then he's usually streaking around the house like this picture I snapped only minutes ago after putting his pants back on about 5 times in the last hour. I give up. Ok not really, but this boy is really strong willed. Nice timing Jakey, we just put in new carpet! Any advice on Potty-training boys?