Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy 2010 - Bring on 2011

Here's the Martin Family update for 2010
Margie started Kindergarten and loves to go to school and learn. She is starting to read and gets very excited when she realizes she knows a word or can sound one out. She loves to play Barbies, color and do projects at her desk, and help with baby James. Jacob - as he now likes to be called, (sometimes) - started preschool two days a week, it's a great break from mom and gives him an opportunity to learn and have his own school to go to. He loves Batman and all other superheroes and can often be seen sporting a superhero shirt and cape as he flies around the house and even sometimes around the town with mom. James Talmage Martin was born just before midnight on Aug 22, 2010. He just turned 4 months before Christmas and is growing so fast. He is a sweet boy and loves to smile and interact... almost too much because he is usually crying if nobody is giving him attention or holding him. He's a fun and challenging addition to our family. Dan is enjoying and kept busy with his work at Fronterra Geosciences. He is serving with the Young men and as a ward missionary which keeps him busy out of work also. He had the opportunity to go on a business trip to Egypt last month and see the pyramids
(yep that's really him there- no photoshopping required! Becca is adjusting to life with three kids. (She couldn't find a picture of herself without a child in it also..such is life!) She is the Primary Chorister at church and that keeps her busy as well. She still enjoys quilting and has been taking on many household projects lately, when she has time and what can be done with a baby in one arm.

We are grateful for all our friends and family and the great relationships we have with them. We are ready for a new Year and new experiences that may come with it.
We wish you all a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve was spent with good friends eating Quesadillas, chips and salsa, cheese and lots of yummy desserts. We had our own little nativity play with all the appropriate parts. Margie Jake and Aiden doubled as the shepherds and Wise men. Londynn was the Angel, Jackson and Emma, Mary and Joseph, Kailee was the star, Mason was baby Jesus and Dimitri was the angel Gabriel and the donkey. James was supposed to be a sheep but ended up sleeping through the whole thing. The kids got to open their Christmas pajamas and then we headed home. Amazingly both kids were asleep in about 15 minutes completely out at 8:15 on Christmas Eve. We were all so exausted we even forgot to leave out cookies for Santa! Oh well... He came anyway! Christmas morning at last!!! James was up at 6am, wide awake.. I tried with all my might to get him back to sleep but he woudn't have it. He just wanted to play. So Margie stumbled out around 6:30 and we sent her back to wake up Jake. Of course the chaos bagan the moment they laid into their stockings. We tried to let them open stockings and one present then have breakfast and finish the rest, well neither kid was hungry and Margie sat on the floor staring at me and asking "are you finished yet mom?" as I ate my cereal. They coudn't open till Dan and I were done, pure torture! We were completely finished around 8:30am (and ready for a nap)Here's Jakey sporting his StarWars lego jammies and showing his Transformer car.

Margie didn't like the idea of taking turns so she was done with her present opening way before anyone else. She was so excited she couldn't stand it and was very happy with what Santa brought her. She even declared "I must have been good!" when she saw all she got.
All three gooses on the new blanket from Grama Annie. Thanks Grama!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa was good to you also!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

For my Sisters.... several posts in one day!!!

I am trying to come back to the land of Blog. It's been a few months and yes I just did posts for Halloween and Thanksgiving in one day.. so what... at least I got it done before Christmas. Here's some new news from just the last week...
Margie won a major award!!! the King Arthur award at school (basically student of the month in her class - for being an all around great kid!) Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Baxter.
Congratulations Margie! Her best friend and nest door neighbor Bella also got the king Arthur award the same day as Margie! they were very excited! Here's the visit from Santa at the ward party last night(...aaahhmmm sisters... last night... look at me getting this posted so soon...) Margie informed me this year that she was going to sit on Santa's lap and not cry... my little girl is growing up! Jakey on the other hand didn't want anything to do with him, and someone else took James' picture so I dont have that yet, but I'll post it when I do.

A Thanksgiving of Blessings!

The Hansens came to our house for Thanksgiving! Yeah!!
Isn't that the cutest Thanksgiving smile you've ever seen?Plenty of Turkey for everyone! The kids love thoese Turkey legs, don't tell Ethan his is a wing! Auntie Emma made the best Turkey Pinata. It was freezing cold outside - literally. But we all took turns and cracked that turkey open and enjoyed some after dinner candy. Thanksgiving as it should be!Cousins!! Los Hansen - nice cheeze Beckham!Los Martin - We all enjoyed a day at an indoor blow-up bounce place to let the kids play. A surprise date night for the Hansens at 105degrees - a totally raw restaruant!

Emma was in Heaven! Jake and Dan trying to prove their manliness to eachother by eating one of the serrano peppers from the garden. Yum!!I love my sister... I'll miss having her just a few hours away and getting to see her several times a year. Love you Em! Have fun in California.Blessing Day for James Talmage Martin. I love my sweet Family! Oh yeah, Auntie Em gave me an awesome new haircut also!
Several of them in fact, Thanks Emma!

A bountiful harvest and a Happy Halloween.

A fabulous Halloween party at a our friends house, Smores and Hot Chocolate (in the garage because of the rain) and a spooky Haunted House. A rainy Day at the Zoo. We took a break under a patio when it started to pour. Here's little James hamming it up for Mom.Children's petting zoo How's that for a sweet potato harvest! Our first time to grow them, and they have been soooo good! Six Little pumpkins sitting on a porch.....
One of these things is not like the other...

Batman, our little pumpkin and a good witch at the mall for Trick-or-treat.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

September Fall Fun!

Margie and Jakey playing in the Leaves. Hanging out on the Trampoline with Dad!
Margie wanted to take James for a ride. He fit perfectly in the baby doll stroller.

The cutest little Ghost I know getting ready for Halloween! 8 weeks old!