Monday, September 28, 2009

Pagah and Grama Annie's visit

Pagah and Grama Annie came to visit us last weekend. We had a wonderful time and are so glad they came. Here's some of the highlights:Oklahoma State Fair! We saw lots and lots of animals. The kids got to pet bunnies, goats, horses and see lots of cool bugs. It was fun.

We took a tram ride to see a little more of the fair without having to walk it and finally got dropped at the pig races. They were super cool. Grama of course read lots and lots of books and her and Jakey had a blast playing animals. Jakey the tiger really got into this. We ventured downtown to see the OKC memorial and Bricktown and eat at the Earls Rib Palace. This is in front of the Survivor tree at the memorial. Our last stop was the round barn in Arcadia.
It's not too exciting, but it is a cool landmark on the route 66.

We tried not to bore Pagah to death at the round barn so while we were there we took him to Pop's to pick out any soda he wanted.

Dan also enjoyed his soda from Pops.

We spend our last day relaxing and playing in the backyard.

Thanks for the great visit. We love you!