Friday, July 9, 2010

Auntie Eliza

Auntie Eliza has been here with us for a big part of the summer. She is getting ready to go to BYUIdaho so she's been shopping and getting school stuff ready and playing with us as much as she can. We had to take her to the traditional Oklahoma City sites and the weather cooperated with us enough to get some of them in. Here's us at the Bombing memorial site.On our way to get some Sonic downtown... it was so Hot!
Here's a great shot of my huge belly...only 8 weeks to go! The Zoo is always a favorite. She was my lifesaver when Jakey took off and ran away from me this day, I would never have been able to catch him. The Lorikeets were so fun until they practically attacked me. I had several on my arms and shoulders and then one landed on my head.. I couldn't get them off - it was a little much. Liza was able to keep them on her hand luckily. The kids wanted nothing to do with them.

We're glad to have Auntie Eliza with us for the summer and we'll miss her when she goes to school. Jakey thinks she's here permanently and probably won't be too excited that she'll be gone and a little brother will soon be in her place when we get back from our trip... we'll see how that one pans out!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Margie's Birthday

We celebrated Margie's Birthday June 21.
We had a family party on her actual birthday -
she loved her new Jesse doll from Toy Story. And she got new pink sparkle tennis shoes that she loves, I tried to get a picture of her in them here and she insisted on standing very strange for the picture so you can't see them too well. The Birthday party with her friends was super fun and super crazy! We invited the girls in her class and it turned out almost all could come except 2! So we ended up with a big group of girls.
It was an "almost sleepover" everyone wore pajamas and we painted nails, made glow in the dark bracelets, played musical pillows, and toss the beanbag into the baby bed. Made ice cream sundaes and read a story. It was a rocking party and everyone had a blast!

We love our little Margie. I can't believe she's 5 already! Happy Birthday!