Monday, December 10, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas From the Martins 2012! 
Here's How we are all doing....
Dan and Becca are loving life in Colorado.  We do miss all our friends in Oklahoma, but we have found Colorado to be a great place to live.  Dan is enjoying his work at Fronterra, and Becca at home with the kids.  We have tried to do as much exploring of the outdoors as we can this last year and hope to get more in this year.  We enjoy our Callings at Church, (Dan-ward mission leader and Becca-primary Chorister).  We hope you all have a Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year!  

Whitney is Dan's little sister, she came to live with us for her Senior Year in High School.  She is a lot of fun to have around and we enjoy her laugh and happy nature as a great addition to our home.  

Margie is 7 years old and in Second grade.  She likes to read and is becoming an especially good artist.   She likes to be outside and loves to ride her Bike.  She is a good big sister and helper to Mom.   

Jacob is 5 years old and finally started Kinder-garten.  He loves his teacher and his class and has made some great friends in school this year.  He is on his way to being a great reader and also loves to draw and imagine.  He enjoys being outdoors and riding his scooter.   
 James turned two in August.  He is good at being two..., but can also be a very sweet boy.  He is learning how to talk and express himself with funny expressions that we're not sure where he picks up!  He wants to keep up with the big kids so he is very active and energetic.  
We are grateful for all the wonderful blessings we have received this year and especially for wonderful friends and family who support us.  

Merry Christmas!!!