Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 weeks old!

Grama Annie came to visit just about a week after James was born. She was fabulous to have here. She read lots of stories to Margie and Jakey and they got to have a sleepover in her room, she made a whole bunch of good food, let me take lots of good naps, We even went to the science museum on her last day here. We miss her being around and helping out, now we're left to fend for ourselves. Thanks Grama for the fun visit(and Pagah for letting her come)!! We love you! James has been a fun and challenging addition to the family. I forget how much work and time it is to take care of a newborn! He had a few terrible colicky days at about a week old, which prompted me to cut out all dairy and it seems to be helping. He knows what he wants and when he wants it, ( food or diaper changes of course) but he's also very social when he's awake and likes to see us and be around us, not left in the other room in his swing. He got his first bath at 2 weeks and was so sleepy in the warm water it just lulled him right to sleep. He woke up after the bath and decided to be cute for some photo's He's got big brownish eyes, we're pretty sure they'll stay that way, like Margie. Quite a bit of hair on the back of his head(He's all party in the back) and a funny parted cowlick on the front of his hairline which parts it to either side... good thing he's a boy! He's sleeping up to 4 hours on a good night and we're starting to get into a routine... well, depending on the day! The big brother and sister love him to death and literally fight over being able to hold him. Dan has had a lot of entertaining in the evenings with the kids.. I knew the trampoline would come in handy! Here's a few shots from last night. Dan and the kids on the tramp.... Mom and James hanging out.

I love this face!!! "I know it says to pinch me cuz I'm so cute... but I wouldn't try it if I were you.. I've got a really good wail and my mom wouldn't be happy!"