Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our little bundles of Joy!

Margie was the first little bundle of joy...
here's the first day of Kindergarten Aug 19,
I can hardly believe she's so big! Our second little bundle would not get in the picture with his sister
on the first day and insisted on his own photo shoot.
He started a two day a week preschool on the 26th. The third little bundle came to us very quickly, but not after a seemingly long and hot pregnancy in the Oklahoma heat. James Talmage was born 11:55pm on Aug 22. My water broke a little after 9pm we arrived at the hospital about 10:30, I was dialated to a 5 and then a 7 within 15 minutes and like Jakey's birth, all the nurses had to say was "don't push yet, the doctor is on her way!" (We were taking bets Auntie Anna that he might hold out and be born on your birthday, but alas it was not to be, to be honest, I don't think anyone bet that he would at that point, Sorry)
A little love from DaddyMargie had no problem being the first to hold him
and still does as much as she can.It took Jakey till we got home and everyone else
wanted to hold him to take his turn. Here's the three little goosies!Everyone make a silly face!Margie makes sure James is very comfortable, here's a little pillow, blanket nest she made for him the other day. She is definitely a good helper! We're so glad baby James is here safe and sound.

Hello everyone- Can't wait to meet you all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trip to Utah

Our trip to Utah was a Blast! We exausted ourselves with plenty of Family Reunions and more Cousins than the kids knew they had! We spent the first week with mostly Martin Cousins, Jakey, Tyler, Margie and Anna enjoying some Ice Cream
(Katie and Laney enjoyed some too they are in the background).
At the Holt Reunion we were able to see Grandpa Holt,
and all the Martin and Holt cousins.
I didn't get any pictures hardly though, I'll have to get them from others.
We stayed with Cousin Kloe and uncle Micah and aunt Jess. We had an awesome time with them and especially loved hanging out doing slip and slide with Kloe, watching Nacho, and playing Rock Band - Thanks Guys!!!

We always take our chance to drive up in the mountains as much as we can while we're surrounded by them. Sundance had a good small walk
(just enough for me and my swollen feet)

We did get more adventurous in Little Cottonwood canyon. I couldn't keep up with the kids so Dan and they went ahead up the trail with the kids this day. They apparently didn't want to come back down.

The last week was Johnson reunion at mom's house and backyard. We were packed in like sardines with everyone in trailers and tents, but we had a fabulous time with lots of good food and activities, Olympics, family home evening, the Bean Museum, water slide, service project, swimming, and talent show to name a few.

Car cart races at the Macey's to get ice cream.

Dan and Jakey loved the hammock swing.

South Fork hike was beautiful as usual,
I made it all the way even in my flip flops.
We were pretty dusty and hot by the end, but it was worth it.

We rented a huge blow-up water slide one day and set it up in the school yard behind my mom's house. It was so much fun. Jakey only tried it a few times with dad and then he was done. Margie was like the energizer bunny all day long (that's her on the steps). The Dad's had their usual races to see who could make it up and back down and out the fastest, I think Dan was in 2nd place with 14 seconds? the Mom's did it also(My sisters Sarah and Eiza in about 12 seconds thus smashing the men's time), I did try it once and that was enough, my time was around a minute and 3 seconds - not too bad!
Here's the Johnson cousins mostly lined up by age,
(including my belly which will be the newest grandbaby to come).

Here's my siblings lined up by age also.
We had a wonderful time and are so glad we were able to go even though it took about 4 days to recover from lack of sleep and swollen feet. Thanks everyone for a fabulous time. (and thanks ot Grandpa Johnnie for the great foot rub, I wish he were around to give me one every day!)