Monday, April 19, 2010

Photographer or Fashionista...

Margie has her very own and very independent fashion sense. I cannot usually pick out clothes for her, and even if they are ok, she'll pick something else just to be the one to do it herself. Sometimes it turns out super cute....Sometimes I wonder if she got dressed in the dark... She especially loves to dress up on special occasions... Here is the Easter photo posted earlier, purple and blue flowered skirt, purple polka-dot shirt(barely seen poking out of the bottom of her sweater), purple and pink striped sweater.

This one takes the cake, I have no idea where we went this day, but I know she wore this.... Gotta love that little girl.

So, she'll be dressed in her very own style, which is fine with me, (I only put my foot down occasionally on an outfit), and she'll be taking pictures whenever she can get her hands on my camera. Here's a little slideshow showing some of her photo's in the last few months. There's a lot of them and it's only about half. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Ok, so this wasn't Easter weekend, this was a few weeks ago, but I had to show you these awesome snowmen Dan and the kids made after our latest (and hopefully last) snowstorm.
They were just too cute! So, on Saturday we went to the Yukon park Egg hunt. Our neighbors invited us, we were a little late so we got there right as the horn sounded to get the eggs, they didn't get very many but it was still fun.
When we caught up to the neighbors the girls quickly filled the kids baskets because theirs were overflowing as you can see. Bella and Shelby (one of our babysitters next to Margie and their friend and two cousins)
Where's Jakey you say?....

... He was grouchy and didn't want to be in the picture...

...Until I let him open up an egg and have some candy!
Candy makes everyone feel better!

We dyed eggs after conference on Saturday. Notice the huge goose eggs our friend gave us to dye! They were awesome! Jakey also tried his first hard boiled egg. He won't eat another one. what do you do with hard boiled eggs nobody will eat? hmmmm......
by the way the goose eggs tasted great, just like chicken eggs!!
On Sunday we had the Brewers, Sautters and Asays over for dinner and conference and of course an egg hunt. The food was delicious, ham Turkey, rolls, salads, ... so good, all of it. We hid the eggs in the backyard and let them loose.
Don't look too happy about your eggs Jakey.
"Mom will you hurry up, I'm ready to eat some candy!!!"
Margie, (our little fashionista (more on that in another post)) loved the egg hunt and was proud to show off her found eggs in a photo. Cute girl!

And here's the whole gang of kids we had over. Jake, Aiden, Dimitri, Elaine, Emma, Lilly, Kailee and Stella, Margie and Londynn. Yeah for the egg hunt! We had a golden egg this year, Emma found it, Laurie has a picture of her with it on her blog as well as the beautiful and yummy desserts she made for everyone.
Everyone stayed all afternoon and into the evening when it was time for baths and bed. We had a fabulous time hosting everyone.
Happy Easter!