Monday, June 7, 2010

Lucha Libre...

We turned on "Nacho Libre" to watch the other day, which prompted an impromptu Lucha Libre fighting competition in our living room. Here's Jakey, the instigator of it all... showing his muscles just like Ramses in the background... Here he is again with Nacho and Ramses at the face off....

He forgot his mask, so we had to do another one, this time Margie decided to join in...

With her mask also (this one has a cape too!)
Somehow it turned into spiderman V.S. Hulk with pom poms by the end...?
Well, it's been the first of many fights at this house, whenever the couch gets pushed back and Jakey comes out with just his underwear on we know we're in for a good friendly competition between the two. Nachooooooooooo..........

Memorial Day 2010

As a tradition we always go to the Paseo Arts festival on Memorial weekend. This year, I got sick on Saturday so we went on Monday. There's tons of art and handmade goods for sale and to look at. It's lots of fun. They even had a kids area where they could make their own art. Here's the kids making spin art.

They did a great job and made cool spin-art pictures.

It was a very hot day and we were glad to have a little party planned at the spray park with some friends in the afternoon. Margie had no trouble running through the spray.

Jake didn't mind using the sray gun.

Dan and I even got a little wet to cool off.

Margie tried to get Jakey to go through the sprayers...

She made it through and back ...

He preferred to come back around on the outskirts.

It was a great way to cool off a bit and wear everyone out for the day. We headed home and were all asleep early that night. Hope you all had a good memorial day, we didn't forget about our soldiers past and present.
Bless Them All - Especially Uncle John - We Love You!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pre-K Graduation and Summer is finally here Party!

Margie graduated from pre-k on May 26th. Her class looked so cute in their graduation caps. She was very proud of herself but sad that school was over. Here's her teacher Mrs. Leonard with her certificate of graduation. So cute! After School was out the neighbors had their annual summer is finally here party with a shaving cream slip-n-slide. (I gave them the idea a few years ago and now it's a tradition!) Here's the little girls before pictures. Maci, Margie, Reese and Bella.
Here's how it started...
A few still shots...
Jakey obviously did not like the slip-n-slide.

He was much happier dried off and observing from the sidelines.

Margie, on the other hand, had a blast! and got herself good and covered.

It was lots of fun!
After the kids got cleaned off and dressed, we played a bunch of "minute to win it" games. Dan went home to change and left the camera at home so I didn't get any photo's of the games, If I get some from others I'll post them later, it was hilarious. We played separate the M&M's into colors and shake the balls out of a kleenex container tied to your waist. The kids had a blast!
Yeah for summer!!!