Saturday, November 14, 2009


Fall is great. We've had very pleasant weather here and lots of time to play outdoors. I also got a new camera so I had to take a bunch of photo's to try it out. Here's our little Jakey looking very sweet I wish he were always like that, unfortunately he's usually up on the countertop getting into cupboards and anything else he can get his hands onto. I wonder if he really thinks he is spiderman the way he climbs up and gets onto things. Here's the last photo of our Halloween pumpkins......before they became this. It was very theraputic and fun. We raked some leaves and of course jumped in them. We set up our tent in the living room and the kids had a blast filling it with every blanket we own as well as their stuffed animals.
We've been to the library a lot so we have had many books to read. Dan wanted me to include this photo of Jakey and his finger up his nose. He's such a boy!And last but certainly not least, I have one of Dan's work associates to thank for these photo's. Him and a bunch of guys from his office go riding during their lunch hour on a mountain bike trail. Go Dan Go!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trick or Treat

Ok I know it's almost 2 weeks since Halloween, but I had to show off my little cuties. Jakey as spiderman, notice the crooked mask, he can "do it himself!!"
Our little Cheerleader

The Ward party with Darth vader and lots and lots of candy!

Trck or treat at the mall with friends. Jaycie, Margie, Maci, and Bella. We had a great time and got way too much candy. Gotta love Halloween right?
When I was a kid we went Trick-or-treating once on Halloween, this year we went to the Zoo(haunt the zoo trick-or-treat), the Ward party, the mall and then around the neighborhood. Are we just spoiled or what?